Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wow, What a Difference Two Weeks Makes Part 2

Well, it has been some time since y’all have heard from me and boy a lot has happened. The biggest “event” was surviving the Alabama tornadoes on Wednesday 27 April. Thankfully my foster family, our community, and I were not in the path of any tornado. We had some wind and rain but were spared of any damage. After the storms we did lose cell service for one-and-a-half days, power for two-and-a-half days, but our water kept working (yea!). As of 30 April we now have full internet service. Our friends across the river in Huntsville are still out of power as of the night of 30 April. So we are very thankful to have our power back and HOT WATER for our foster family to shower. We appreciate the ongoing prayers and volunteer efforts by so many. They are needed.

What a week, another big event (to me) was that on Monday the 25th I was neutered and micro-chipped. That neutering part was no fun. I sure was woozy afterwards but I did not want to sit or lay down. So I did a lot of standing and leaning on my foster daddy. I even tried to sleep standing with my head in his lap. It was kind of silly but that’s me. I spent that night trying to sleep with a Cone of Shame around my head. That was NO FUN. But after that my fosters were nice and gave me the chance to be good without it. I passed that test with flying colors. I’ve not chewed up my stitches and am healing very nicely.

I have even started sleeping outside my crate next to my fosters bed. I sleep beside Heather Belle, am not restless or noisy, and can stretch right out much more than in the crate (even though it is big).

My fosters say that I continue to leash walk very well. I am much less skittish and more confident. Being away from the shelter environment has been so good for me. I am a very good boy.

Another neat event was the arrival of my Bama Bully Rescue gift package. Boy was I excited. Pictures and story are below. Thank you BBR, Garland, and all those who donated to make it possible.

Which brings me to the final event. In the BBR package was a neat dog collar with Snoopy portraits on it. One of my foster family sisters is nicknamed Snoopy so I am wearing it proudly. Plus it led to my new name. You may know that I was tagged with the name Ricky at the shelter but my fosters had the opportunity to give me a permanent name based on my personality. At Snoopy’s suggestion I am now Charlie Brown. My foster family’s dogs all have two names so this works out perfectly. One funny note, for awhile they considered calling me George, as in Curious George! I am very curious so that name would have fit me too. But….

I am happy to meet you, I am now Charlie Brown.

Without further yapping on my part, here’s some recent pictures!

[NOTE: Remember, all my pics can be seen larger by clicking on them.]

Here's me getting ready to be silly with a blanket.
Watch me roll over and attack.

Here I've started my roll...

Here I've rolled over tugging the blanket along....

Here I'm teaching this blanket a lesson, bad blanket, bad blanket!

Now it's time to attack that rope!
That's Stormy Sky over my shoulder having to be nice despite every
fiber in her being wanting to come down and get that rope. HA!

Here's me profiling with my rope.
I really am handsome.

Now it is treats time.
Look at silly Heather Belle sticking her tongue out for my treat. Silly girl.
Notice how good I am at sitting.

Our whole clan sitting in formation.
Even Sparky the mixed retriever/beagle is in the hallway.
Sparky is still not sure about me. But we are becoming friends too.
My friend Stormy Sky is the blue and white girl and has really become a great rasslin' partner.
Stormy needs to burn off energy and so do I. It's a beautiful thing.

This having to sit patiently can really get boring sometimes.

Heather Belle is always looking for the most comfortable spot.
You are welcome to it girl.
That means freedom for me - WaHoo!

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