Friday, April 15, 2011

I Am Home!

Hey folks, it is me Ricky again. Sorry I have been slow to write but it has been very eventful for me these past few days. Here is the latest news.

My fosters came to get me yesterday! Wahoo! They spent all day on the road coming from Upper Alabama to Lower Alabama where I was temporarily living with a whole bunch of other Pibble buddies. I even got to ride with one of those buddies on the way back to Birmingham. We brought "Asia" along so she could go to her foster home too. Ain't that neat! Two for the price of one. We rode together in the back of a minivan in our very own crates. My fosters said we both rode so well. I laid down and rested quite a bit. I have pictures below but let's finish this part first.

I got a bath today! Really, in a bathtub even. Nice and warm with lots of good shampoo. I laid my head patiently on my fosters chest while he shampooed my whole face and head. He was able to clean me up real good, not only there but everywhere. My fosters say I really needed it and I guess they were right. Even I think I smell better now. I got my flea medicine application afterwards also since I had a few of them. But thankfully I was not infested.

Then, off to the veterinarian we went. I liked her and she seemed to like me too. She was very nice to me, even when giving me all my shots. She said the small wound at the base of my tail was healing nicely. Where I got that wound I don't remember but the Dothan shelter folks and a kind veterinarian had worked on it to help it heal and apparently did a nice job. Now, if only that hair will grow back no one will ever see it. While getting shots the vet. tech was really nice and giving me some wonderful treats. Once again I was very gentle in taking them from her fingers. They all said I was great. I weighted 55 lbs and the vet. said I could easily put 3 to 5 more lbs. on to fill out some more. I am tall and long-legged so I carry this weight well, I sure don't look fat! The vet. agreed that I am probably 10-11 months old and will still grow a bit.

OK, I know what all y'all are waiting for - PICTURES. But, I must apologize for my fosters. They had camera malfunctions and did not know it. Some of these are fuzzy but at least you get the picture (sort of, ha-ha) on our journey.

[NOTE: Remember, all my pics can be seen larger by clicking on them.]

Here we have just loaded up. Ready to go HOME!
Asia on the left, me on the right.

Asia relaxing, me still wondering what's happening

Here's Asia as we head down the road.

Asia resting.

Me resting.

Me again. Wondering what is going on?

We took a potty break. Here is Asia.

Here I am walking around and checking my environment.
Everything seems new to me. I am very much still just a big puppy.

I am learning to wear a collar and walk on a leash. It is new to me.
My fosters say I am learning quickly.

I am learning sit also.

Don't I look good!

I'm a lucky boy, lucky boy...

Here we go, walking again.

Stay tuned. More pictures soon... I hope.
Especially since I've had a bath!

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