Thursday, July 7, 2011

I've Come to my Forever Home

Charlie Brown here barking that I have have made it to my forever home. My foster family released me today. Although they loved me they gave me up to a better opportunity for my long-term happiness and growth. I am so blessed to be where I am wanted and loved. Thank you to all the folks who played a part in my rescue. I will do my best to live up to that "investment" of time, money, and effort into my life. For those who played any part in this may you be blessed as well.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Just me saying "Hi Y'all"

In case you can't tell, all us Pibbles here enjoy sleeping when we can. My fosters say that makes for some interesting pictures. Here are a few of the latest.

[NOTE: Remember, all my pics can be seen larger by left-clicking on them.]

OK, now what are you up to?

You make a nice pillow there Stormy.

Heather Belle makes a good pillow at times also.
Look at my big head compared to hers!

I always wonder what my people are up to when they have that camera out.

I will make room for myself...
whether there is room or not!

That's all folks.
Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hey all y'all. It's me Charlie again.

My fosters just thought that I should report this.

Last night while my best buddy Stormy Sky (irony here) and I were walking our people through the valley a pop-up thunderstorm hit. We just so happened to be at the far end of our walk when suddenly the lightening started popping. Thankfully we are in a valley with LOTS of old-growth tall pines and hardwoods so we aren't the best lightning rods around. We walked faster to get home but my foster sister also called home to get us picked up by Mom's taxi and out-a-there.

After we got home the lightening really started booming very near our house. The rain came too (yea, we really needed that). We lost power as well for a bit. Then it finally calmed down.

Why is this story cool. Because my foster dad took note that both on the walk and in the house when the lightening was FLASHING and the thunder was BOOMING I was unfazed and remained calm, cool, and collected. I never reacted. They were so happy by this one more example of what makes me a great companion.

Just thought I'd share.

Interested? Remember, put in your application (link below) to BBR.

C'yall, Charlie

Monday, June 13, 2011

It Is Official

I can now be adopted!

One additional item of note. I am actually living in Upper Alabama (Huntsville area) and not in Montgomery AL where Petfinder has "
An adoptable dog in Montgomery, AL" listed for Bama Bully Rescue . That may help you see me if you are near my home.

See you soon?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Am Now Ready For Adoption

Hey world, I passed my adoption evaluation today! I showed no food or toy aggression. I was real friendly to the evaluator Mr. Richard. He was nice, I got a great big bowl of dry and wet dog food mixed together to have breakfast. He played with my bowl and me while I ate but I was good and showed no aggression (of course, why would I bite the hand that fed me such good stuff?). He did a pinch test and played with my toes. He smacked the metal bowl to the ground behind me and I turned to investigate (remember I am always curious). But I was not overly startled/rattled like I would have been when I came out of the shelter. He gave me a new rope chewy to play with plus a rawhide and a ball. And, he let me snuggle up on him which is always my favorite.

Oh, and after investigating, my fosters are thinking I am some kind of American Bulldog mix. That's just a guess though. No matter what, I am a good, and handsome, boy, eh?

So, I am ready to come home (with you?).
Make sure you have your
Online Adoption Form filled out from Bama Bully Rescue!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

DRATS! Bath Day!

Hey folks. I had a rough day today. Why do people think they have to give a guy like me baths? And then they take pictures of the embarrassing situation. How'd they like it if I did that to them? Well I suffered through it and was the best boy I could be, despite the indignity of it. Since they took pictures I figured I might as well share them. And I'll admit (slightly) that afterwards I felt real good and look great! So, you get to see them also at the end.

Next thing we plan is VIDEO. I'm sure I'll be a star in no time. Hollywood, where do I sign?

[NOTE: Remember, all my pics can be seen larger by left-clicking on them.]

Did I volunteer for this? NOT!

How can I escape? Hmmm.

Guess I just have to hunker down.

Yea, that's what I think of all this!

OK, there's nothing left to soap up folks!

It's about time we finish this task I think.

Oh, that's cold! But it's a hot day. Everything in balance.

Are we done yet people?
Wahoo! I think they said this is it!

Now this is what a clean me should look like.

That sun feels so good.

I'm starting to feel happy again.

Ya gotta agree, good lookin', eh?

Thanks Bama Bully Rescue for saving me out of the Dothan Shelter!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goofy Me.

Hey Again Folks -
My foster dad finally got a few belly shots of me. I love to lay on my back and get belly rubs... or just sleep. Plus these show the contortionist that I am. I can do a good pretzel imitation. I sure ain't "muscle bound". Ha!

[NOTE: Remember, all my pics can be seen larger by clicking on them.]

Sleep, it's a good thing, eh?

What are you gonna do to me now?

See my buddies Sparky (left) and of course Stormy Sky.

Here's Heather Belle. She's like me and loves to sleep in the sun.
That's why we could not get her in the picture above.
She is deaf and just would not listen!

Here's me starting to realize I was being looked at.
If you look at the bigger picture you can see me peeking.

That's it for today y'all. See you next time.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ah, Sunshine, Grass, & Friends

Hey Y'all -
Well, it has been awhile since I wrote so here's an update. Plus new photos are below, but only if you promise to read my progress report first. Deal?

I have been progressing along nicely as I've settled into my foster family. Here's the updates:

1. I have gradually established a truce with the family cat. That Cat hisses at me when I get too interested. I don't know why, doesn't she know I'm still a puppy and curiosity is natural? Anyway, with my foster family's help, I've been learning to give That Cat space that she thinks she needs.

2. My neuter surgery has healed up very nicely, no problems with that.

3. I've discovered this great new mystery... they call 'em the 13-year Cicada's. There are literally 1000's of them in our rural, old-growth tree filled valley. Their collective noise drowns out all other sounds, it is deafening. They are so fascinating and I sure can be very distracted by them. Plus, they taste so good... yum. Sadly though they only show up every 13 years, that's too long to wait don't you think?

4. My foster dad has been taking my buddy Stormy Sky and me on long walks throughout the valley. That has helped burn some of my energy off. That plus...

5. Stormy Sky and I have been rasslin' a WHOLE BUNCH. It sure is good for me and her too. We are both very quiet when we do so. We both have so much fun. I let her think she wins even though we know better. It helps keep us from being bored and getting into other trouble.

6. I get to run free some times also to chase a Kong. That is so much fun. And usually I am very good about bringing it back. I very easily give it up to my human. I am not clingy or stingy about giving it, or my other things like rawhide chews or rope-chews, up to humans.

7. I am patient when awaiting my food bowel. I will sit as commanded and when released I slowly go for my food.

8. I spend much less time in my crate now because I've demonstrated I can be such a good boy in the home. Usually I have to go in now whenever my humans must leave the house. When I am sent to the crate I have become very good about going right in with no reluctance.

9. I have performed very well sleeping next to my foster daddy's side of the bed with my pillow and bedding. I don't get up and roam. I sleep well through the night.

10. As for house training I have only had a couple "accidents". But my fosters blame themselves. They say I have been so good about doing my business outside that they got complacent a few time and whoops.... Otherwise they tell me I am great. I don't have to mark my territory, even outside. Usually I go #1 right away and then I am done! They think that's great, especially if it is raining.

11. I hear that I will be available for adoption sometime in early/mid June. Get your applications in now! Don't miss out. Oh, and in case you are wondering, my foster family would love to keep me but they are at their current limit for canine's who can own them. Plus they think I could use more room to run than they have readily available at their home. I love to chase Kongs/tennis balls. And finally, they say I am so good that transitioning me into the right home should be a breeze.

OK, with no further ado... here's the new pictures!

[NOTE: Remember, all my pics can be seen larger by clicking on them.]

Here's my serious look. And yes, I am very long-legged.
Maybe besides Pit Bull I have some Great Dane in my lineage?

Nice coloring. Don't you agree?

Mr. Handsome, that's me.
Shadow on my right side.

Mr. Handsome, that's me.
Shadow on my left side.

Mr. Long-Legged again.

Oh that sun feels so good... and it's bright too.

Me resting... or sneaking up on them Cicadas.

Dad, what is Stormy doing over there?

Can anyone truly be this good looking?

OK, now we're inside for the evening.
I'm trying my stealth tactic for getting up on the couch where I am not allowed.
Yea, it was funny for them, Stormy tolerated it, but it still did not work.

Guess I'll just get down. Don't mind me Stormy.

Stormy Sky said that if I was gonna talk about her so much I better include her picture.
So, to keep her playing with me, I relented.

Thanks y'all for coming and checking on me. Now, back to rasslin'!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wow, What a Difference Two Weeks Makes Part 2

Well, it has been some time since y’all have heard from me and boy a lot has happened. The biggest “event” was surviving the Alabama tornadoes on Wednesday 27 April. Thankfully my foster family, our community, and I were not in the path of any tornado. We had some wind and rain but were spared of any damage. After the storms we did lose cell service for one-and-a-half days, power for two-and-a-half days, but our water kept working (yea!). As of 30 April we now have full internet service. Our friends across the river in Huntsville are still out of power as of the night of 30 April. So we are very thankful to have our power back and HOT WATER for our foster family to shower. We appreciate the ongoing prayers and volunteer efforts by so many. They are needed.

What a week, another big event (to me) was that on Monday the 25th I was neutered and micro-chipped. That neutering part was no fun. I sure was woozy afterwards but I did not want to sit or lay down. So I did a lot of standing and leaning on my foster daddy. I even tried to sleep standing with my head in his lap. It was kind of silly but that’s me. I spent that night trying to sleep with a Cone of Shame around my head. That was NO FUN. But after that my fosters were nice and gave me the chance to be good without it. I passed that test with flying colors. I’ve not chewed up my stitches and am healing very nicely.

I have even started sleeping outside my crate next to my fosters bed. I sleep beside Heather Belle, am not restless or noisy, and can stretch right out much more than in the crate (even though it is big).

My fosters say that I continue to leash walk very well. I am much less skittish and more confident. Being away from the shelter environment has been so good for me. I am a very good boy.

Another neat event was the arrival of my Bama Bully Rescue gift package. Boy was I excited. Pictures and story are below. Thank you BBR, Garland, and all those who donated to make it possible.

Which brings me to the final event. In the BBR package was a neat dog collar with Snoopy portraits on it. One of my foster family sisters is nicknamed Snoopy so I am wearing it proudly. Plus it led to my new name. You may know that I was tagged with the name Ricky at the shelter but my fosters had the opportunity to give me a permanent name based on my personality. At Snoopy’s suggestion I am now Charlie Brown. My foster family’s dogs all have two names so this works out perfectly. One funny note, for awhile they considered calling me George, as in Curious George! I am very curious so that name would have fit me too. But….

I am happy to meet you, I am now Charlie Brown.

Without further yapping on my part, here’s some recent pictures!

[NOTE: Remember, all my pics can be seen larger by clicking on them.]

Here's me getting ready to be silly with a blanket.
Watch me roll over and attack.

Here I've started my roll...

Here I've rolled over tugging the blanket along....

Here I'm teaching this blanket a lesson, bad blanket, bad blanket!

Now it's time to attack that rope!
That's Stormy Sky over my shoulder having to be nice despite every
fiber in her being wanting to come down and get that rope. HA!

Here's me profiling with my rope.
I really am handsome.

Now it is treats time.
Look at silly Heather Belle sticking her tongue out for my treat. Silly girl.
Notice how good I am at sitting.

Our whole clan sitting in formation.
Even Sparky the mixed retriever/beagle is in the hallway.
Sparky is still not sure about me. But we are becoming friends too.
My friend Stormy Sky is the blue and white girl and has really become a great rasslin' partner.
Stormy needs to burn off energy and so do I. It's a beautiful thing.

This having to sit patiently can really get boring sometimes.

Heather Belle is always looking for the most comfortable spot.
You are welcome to it girl.
That means freedom for me - WaHoo!

Wow, What a Difference Two Weeks Makes Part 1

Sorry I've been away so long, but even before the storms we've been very busy. As many of you know I got a BBR goodies package on April 22nd. Wow, was I ever excited over it. Thanks to Garland, BBR, and the volunteers/donors who made it possible. Here's some pictures of my happy time.

[NOTE: Remember, all my pics can be seen larger by clicking on them.]

The mystery package arrives. Wahoo!

Why do I have to sit here like this?

WOW - Look at all the great goodies I got.

Decisions, decisions....

I want to play with this ball!

No wait, I want this chewy!

Hey Wait, this stuffed chewy looks good too.

Oh, I'm in smell heaven....

So many choices, what next?

OK, to thank BBR I'll sit nicely for a picture.

Now, back to the FUN... AIRBORNE!