Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hey all y'all. It's me Charlie again.

My fosters just thought that I should report this.

Last night while my best buddy Stormy Sky (irony here) and I were walking our people through the valley a pop-up thunderstorm hit. We just so happened to be at the far end of our walk when suddenly the lightening started popping. Thankfully we are in a valley with LOTS of old-growth tall pines and hardwoods so we aren't the best lightning rods around. We walked faster to get home but my foster sister also called home to get us picked up by Mom's taxi and out-a-there.

After we got home the lightening really started booming very near our house. The rain came too (yea, we really needed that). We lost power as well for a bit. Then it finally calmed down.

Why is this story cool. Because my foster dad took note that both on the walk and in the house when the lightening was FLASHING and the thunder was BOOMING I was unfazed and remained calm, cool, and collected. I never reacted. They were so happy by this one more example of what makes me a great companion.

Just thought I'd share.

Interested? Remember, put in your application (link below) to BBR.

C'yall, Charlie

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