Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Am Now Ready For Adoption

Hey world, I passed my adoption evaluation today! I showed no food or toy aggression. I was real friendly to the evaluator Mr. Richard. He was nice, I got a great big bowl of dry and wet dog food mixed together to have breakfast. He played with my bowl and me while I ate but I was good and showed no aggression (of course, why would I bite the hand that fed me such good stuff?). He did a pinch test and played with my toes. He smacked the metal bowl to the ground behind me and I turned to investigate (remember I am always curious). But I was not overly startled/rattled like I would have been when I came out of the shelter. He gave me a new rope chewy to play with plus a rawhide and a ball. And, he let me snuggle up on him which is always my favorite.

Oh, and after investigating, my fosters are thinking I am some kind of American Bulldog mix. That's just a guess though. No matter what, I am a good, and handsome, boy, eh?

So, I am ready to come home (with you?).
Make sure you have your
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