Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saved and Headed to a New Home

Hey Y'all! Announcing me, Ricky!

[NOTE: All pics can be seen larger by clicking on them.]

Hey Pibble Lovers and Friends -
I hail from Dothan Alabama and ended up homeless in a shelter. Thankfully the shelter people did not just put me down because of my breed.
And then thankfully the good folks at Bama Bully Rescue came in and evaluated me. Here's what they had to say:
Pen # 94, Ricky, male. Heart-worm negative [YEA for me.] Good disposition for a Novice to foster/adopt. 10-12 months old? Needs leash skills. Nervous, submissive. Non-healing wound at base of back/tail. Good for physical manipulation/pinch test-submissive lick. Startle- investigates slowly. Flinch- cowers. Very interested in toys, playful. Soft mouth. Sits for treats, but won't eat them (mouths then spits out). Likes petting. No interest in pig ear. No food aggression. Strongly suggest a puppy class, to work on minor issues.

I have a new foster family who will be bringing me HOME soon, hopefully by next Thursday. I am so ready for that. Stay tuned, I'll give you updates as we move along. Thanks for keeping track of me.

Look how well I behave when tempted by goodies!

Relaxing in the grass sure beats a kennel. Ah. Now I just need some sunshine.

See how good looking I am.

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